Artisan beauty goods company HideAWAY Handmade knows what it means for products to be made with love. Named for Hideaway Bay in Queensland where founders Wendy Campbell and Bruce Arms became engaged, the popular online brand crafts artisan personal care products such as whipped soaps, bar soaps, body custards, scrubs, and other bath time treats—all done through traditional means. The brand’s big draw? All-natural, locally-sourced ingredients, with a process designed to be as sustainable as possible.

HideAWAY Handmade is a fully online store, enabling the brand to focus less on managing a physical storefront and more on putting great care into the products they make, especially with a small team. Regardless of location, though, the need to manage their on-site employees in the most effective way possible is a constant.

Enter Tanda’s mobile application and rostering software.

A Mobile Workforce

Amber is part of the Production team, creating soaps, body custards, and other bath products such as bath bombs. She speaks glowingly of the mobile version of Tanda’s software, which the team uses for time clock and online roster features. The portability of the mobile app also gives them the added bonus of having the option to check their rosters and manage availability without needing to head to the office.

“I use everything through the mobile app unless I’m clocking in at work. And it’s really good. So then if I’m at home and I’m trying to book a holiday I can also write in my unavailability for a holiday. And then it can get approved in real time. Even if it’s on the weekend as well. So I find that really handy,” Amber says. The clean user interface and live wage tracker also makes it easier for workers to budget their own personal expenses accordingly.

“I like that it tells you in the top corner how many hours you’re doing and then also how much you estimate to make for the week. So that makes it easier for me to budget through my week as well.”

Whipping Up Smooth Operations

In the product manufacturing business, having a user-friendly online roster interface is a big concern for companies like HideAWAY when switching from manual rostering or legacy systems. When loads can be unpredictable and one week can be insanely busy while the next could be quiet, schedules could get messy very quickly without the right software. For HideAWAY’s workforce, the auto-fill option in Tanda’s predictive rostering feature addresses this need. “Let’s say that the week beforehand was quiet. We can pull it over and the shift filling feature helps fill it all in, to maximise our roster and prepare for a big week ahead,” posits Dan, the brand’s Operations Manager.

Overall, he emphasizes that Tanda has made the process of creating an online roster for employees easier and more streamlined. It also takes much less time than before. The presence of in-app messaging options are a big benefit, too. “Tanda has been a game changer for us with rostering and being able to contact our staff quick and easy with the text message and the call feature,” he says.

No more need for unintuitive software that may not be built for scheduling either. “I guess before we were using Tanda we were just rostering through, I think it was a Google Sheet or Microsoft XO. Super basic and it took hours to do that.”

Now, HideAWAY uses a single app for creating and managing staff schedules—connecting them more closely with their wages, with each other, and with their work.


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