Domino’s Israel selects Tanda for Workforce Success

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Tel Aviv, Israel — Tanda is proud to announce that Domino’s Israel will roll out its innovative workforce management software to 57 locations after a successful 3-month trial.

The Tanda platform will be used to manage rostering, time and attendance, and wage reporting for over 1,500 staff across Israel. Following an introduction from Domino’s Pizza International, and a review of existing implementations in Europe and Australia, a pilot program was commissioned across 6 stores.

Rory Broadbridge, Senior Enterprise Solutions Consultant at Tanda, said that this expansion into Israel marks a significant move forward for workforce management nationally, not just at an organisational level.

“This news reaffirms our belief that Domino’s franchisors (and franchisees) across the globe are the leaders in technology adoption for the benefit of their workforces. In Israel, we will see Domino’s showcasing how an investment in software can optimise their processes and their bottom line,” Arie Elbaz, Domino’s Pizza Israel COO, said that with constant changes in labour costs, creating a good and stable crew is a major challenge for multi-unit businesses such as theirs.

“Tanda is the best solution to give our supervisors and store managers the monitoring capabilities they need to manage their labour budget and drive operational efficiencies”

An initial trial commenced in late 2018, with Tanda representatives working alongside store managers from 4 locations to understand the platform, integrate with existing systems and providing technical support. Following a successful start and quick realisation of wage cost savings, additional stores were added to the trial. Hebrew and Arabic translations of the software were developed for complete accessibility by all staff. In February 2019, the trial was a deemed a success; leading to the decision to introduce Tanda nationally throughout March.

Tanda and Domino’s Israel will work together over the next few years to optimise operations nationally, develop new features, and support over 1,500 staff.

Tanda is a market leader in workforce management software, eliminating paperwork with products such as the selfie time clock, intelligent rostering system, automatic award calculator, attendance-to-payroll integration, Shift Swapping, and more. Operating in Brisbane, London, Los Angeles, and Manila, Tanda is committed to raising the quality of work around the world — one shift at a time. To learn more, visit www.tanda.co.

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