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How to lodge a tax declaration form online (TFN)

This guide explains how to lodge a tax declaration form, to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) online without having to print, type, or scan a thing.  Firstly we describe the traditional method using the ATO business portal. Then, a new, faster, and easier method using ATO compliant digital onboarding software.    Option 1 – The […]

3 Common Problems Managers Face in Child Care (And How to Solve Them)

When managers come to work the last thing they want to do is to get caught up in tedious and avoidable problems related to running the centre. The health and learning of children come first, and time spent devoted to unnecessary administrative or operational tasks only serves to take away from that. So you can […]

How Australian Businesses Are Using Technology to Detect Underpayments Before They Happen

Following the continued slew of high profile underpayment cases and sweeping changes to industrial relations laws, including the criminalisation of ‘wage theft’ in Victoria and Queensland, it’s clear that underpayments are a widespread problem amongst Australian businesses.  With so many high profile organisations being caught off guard, many industry leaders are left wondering how they […]

How COVID-19 is Impacting Australia’s Industrial Relations System

With new jail sentences in Victoria and changes to Modern Awards rushed through, COVID-19 is set to shake up industrial relations and employment laws. Despite industrial relations being federalised over 10 years ago, Victoria has legislated their own jail penalties for business owners and directors. Individuals who are convicted under the new Victorian Wage Theft […]

Why is it so hard to pay people correctly in 2020?

Most people never have to worry about the payroll compliance process required to get someone paid. It’s not a hugely riveting subject; staff go to work, they work, they get paid. However, as Fair Work’s list of big names failing to pay minimum entitlements continues to grow, we’re often left wondering why it is so […]

Are casual employees entitled to paid annual leave?

The Federal Court decided, for the second time in two years, that an employee of Workpac was entitled to paid leave even though Workpac had classified the employee as a casual. The case doesn’t mean that all casual employees are automatically entitled to the same leave benefits as permanent employees. However, you do need to […]

June 30 Reminder: Check your Superannuation Contributions!

Superannuation underpayment is a significant problem in Australia. An estimated 2.85 million Australians are being short-changed. On average, they have 50% less in their super balances than those who are being paid correctly. Further, analysis of ATO data has shown that the average underpayment is $2,070 — that’s $80 per fortnightly pay. Young, blue-collar workers […]

Forging the Workforce of the Future: Why frontline employees matter

Think back to the last in-store purchase you made. Were you promptly welcomed or was the store too busy for you to get their attention? Did staff assist you while you were looking for items, and given advice on deals or discounts? Was the cashier polite or uncommunicative? These small interactions with frontline employees often […]

Why employees love Tanda’s Workforce Success software

Workplace automation, including the use of artificial intelligence and robotics, is expected to surge in the next three years, according to multinational insurance broker Willis Towers Watson. This development is unsurprising, as automating HR can lead to significant cost savings for your organisation, especially when implemented in managing attendance, eradicating benefit errors, and automating compliance. […]

Psychological “B.S.”​ Pricing Explained with a Blender

You have a choice: you’re looking at a high-end blender putting out 900 Watts of power for $119 or and identical blender putting out slightly more power (1000W) for $179. Would you be willing to pay an additional 50% for a minimal 11% gain in power? Probably not – this doesn’t sound like it stacks […]

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