Big upcoming leave management upgrade

3 March, 2016 Renée Mellish

We’re working on some big improvements to the Tanda leave management module we thought you might like to hear about. After a lot of feedback from our customers, we’ve found three reasons to build a fully fledged leave management module.

  1. Leave is universal. All permanent staff take leave.
  2. It’s a core, but often poorly managed, interaction between businesses and employees.
  3. It’s expensive, but all too easy, to poorly plan and administer leave.

What are we building?

Here’s a mockup from one of our designers, which should give you an idea of some of the features we’re working on…
For Managers and Business Owners

  • One place for all leave requests, that integrates with timesheets and rosters.
  • Contextual information to help you decide if you should approve or deny a leave request.
  • You’ll be able to edit leave details (like dates, hours, and the tag to export to payroll) when approving leave requests.
  • A simple way to email the reason for approving or rejecting the leave request from inside Tanda.

For Payroll Managers

  • One place to review all leave for the current pay period.
  • Easy to make corrections to leave before you export it to your payroll system.
  • Gives you a full audit trail, with reasons and notes on every leave request.

For Employees

  • Saves you filling out a paper form to request time off.
  • Gives you the best chance of having the time off you want approved.
  • Prevents you from being rostered on when you are on leave.

What aren’t we building?

We aren’t tracking how much leave employees are entitled to (also known as leave balances). Your payroll system needs to be the single source of truth for this information.

That said, if you use MYOB AccountRight Live or Xero, we are able to import a copy of the leave balance at the end of the last pay run, so at least you’ll have that as a guide.

We also have lots of ideas on how to make rostering around leave easier, which we plan on building once this approvals queue is done!

When is this coming?

Keep an eye out over the coming months for details on how you can see previews of proposed changes. In the meantime, we would love to hear and feedback you may have about the current leave management process. You can either email this through to or email your Tanda account manager.

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