New: Set leave types to automatically approve

16 April, 2018 Renée Mellish

New: Control whether leave requires approval or not

We understand that there are circumstances where managers want to be notified of staff time off but don’t necessarily need or want to approve / decline it. For example school or university times where staff really don’t have much control or choice over.

With the addition of the new ‘‘automatically approve’ flag on leave types you can now specify which leave types require approval by managers and which do not.

How does this work

Ticking the automatically approve flag on leave types means:

  • Employees won’t know that this type of leave is automatically approved, 10 minutes after submitting their leave they will receive an email letting them know it has been approved, this process should appear no different to the leave types that do require approval
  • Managers will receive an email with the details of the leave request however there is nothing for them to action, the email will highlight that this is an automatically approved leave request

This new features is the first part of a larger project to combine our unavailability and leave features. We will be releasing further improvements to the current Tanda leave feature in the coming weeks and months. Find out what we have planned here.

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