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Pryority and Tanda simplifies the way you manage your workforce through seamless technology.

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Rostering, Attendance, Labour Insights, and Workforce Success

Focus more on your building and construction business, and less time on redundant processes. Tanda and Pryority automates workforce management tasks, from rostering down to payroll processing.

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How Tanda works with Pryority

Smart rostering

Tanda reduces unnecessary paperwork by giving your managers the tools necessary to create rosters through templates or relative data.

No more guesswork — with the Time Clock App and GPS Clock-in, your attendance is automatically synced based on employees' rostered and worked hours.

With our built-in Award Interpretation feature, Tanda calculates staff's worked hours and syncs it with Pryority for seamless payroll processing.

How To Get Started

Step 1:

Connect Tanda to Pryority

Connect your Pryority account with Tanda.

Step 2:

Sync relevant data

Set which team members can access your benefits and payroll through a single portal using the self-service capabilities, cutting hours on admin work from days to hours.

Step 3:

Set and track cost targets

Easily set staffing and wage cost targets for your business. Use Tanda + Pryority to stay on top of your requirements, teams, locations, and reports.

Step 4:

Stay on top of real-time data

See your predicted wage costs and actual spend on timesheets whenever you process payroll. Stay on top of relevant data by customising insights reporting on the Tanda dashboard.

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