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Tanda has been proudly working with a number of ACA-affiliated members for many years, helping Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) providers across Australia roster and pay their staff accurately. We’re excited to offer this exclusive 30-day free trial to all ACA members. 

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Take the stress out of compliance

Tanda eases the burden of administrative work so you can focus more on growing your early learning business.

Digital onboarding

New educators can hit the ground running with a digital onboarding process that’s secure and hastle free. Whether on their smartphone phone or computer, new staff members can receive and provide required information without the paper stack.

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    Working With Children Check. Upload & store an employees check in Tanda.

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    Qualifications. Select which employees have additional qualifications.

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    Contracts. Send, sign, alter, and accept contracts from Tanda. Remove the paperwork.

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    Bank Details. Super. TFN Declarations. Let us handle the admin. Compliant declarations with the ATO.

Compliant Rosters

Tanda's Early Learning rosters are designed to meet industry rules. Design schedules that meet qualifications requirements and minimum staff ratios. Block rosters from being published if a staff members Working with Children Check has expired.

Notify staff that their roster has been published instantly via the Tanda app. Receive warnings about potential overtime. Let staff organise shift swaps between themselves.

Clock in faster with our employee timeclock​

Say goodbye to paper timesheets and time theft with Tanda’s photo-verified clock ins and automated, accurate timesheets

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    Photo-verified. Tanda’s Time Clock uses electronic photo verification so that you can be sure the right person is clocking in.

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    Unique Passcode. Each staff member clocks in with a unique passcode to start and end each shift.

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    Integrated with payroll add-ons. Clock in data creates costed timesheets that can be exported to any of our payroll add-ons with a single click.

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Market-leading Award Interpretation

Tanda has invested more than any other software vendor into developing award interpretation. Our software completely automates the Children's Services Award, calculating the exact base rates, penalties, overtime, allowances, and other entitlements. 

Quality timesheets exported straight to payroll

Save time by auto approving timesheets. Shifts that have been verified and match the roster are auto approved to save your team from repetitive admin tasks.

Change approval settings to suit your needs as a business with Tanda's customisable options. Automatically flag shifts with overtime or other issues for further consideration.

Stay compliant, remove the admin, and get back to making an impact in your business.

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